Wireless Spa Control

Now you can control your Spa from anywhere in the world with our new wireless control App!

Available on all of our Island Spas and our Platinum Elite ranges, you can now add the Wireless Spa Control App feature which will enable you to control the temperature, lighting and pumps on your spa using your smartphone, Ipod or other smart device. The App also gives you tips and advice on your spa maintenance.

If you drop the temperature whilst away on holiday but fancy a dip to relax after the stress of travelling back, just use the App to adjust the temperature back up to where you want it then by the time your home you can jump straight in and forget your back home!

Lyon Spa Show

We have been very busy this week! We’re getting ready for the Lyon Spa Show which we will be Exhibiting at this year. The show is on from 18th November till 21st November 2014 and is in Lyon, France. This week we are ordering our spas which we will be showcasing at the show this year, we will also be showcasing our new products for 2015!

Pop over to see us at the show to have a sneak peak at all our new products and spas for 2015! We would love to see you there!

Five of the World’s Most Remarkable Hot Springs

As much as we love a good soak in the hot tub, sometimes you just need something that bit bigger, that bit bubblier. With that in mind, we’ve got all the facts on five of the world’s most fascinating hot springs – these might not fit on your back porch but we can’t help but be inspired by their diverse beauty and spectacle!

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Crystal AOP

Crystal AOP is now available on all spas in our Island and Platinum Elite ranges! Currently being one of the most popular optional extras we’re finding people love it to help purify there spa water! This system is proven to be the most Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) for water purification, it uses the effective Nature2 option, the disposable micro filter, our highly efficient 24 hour circulation pump with UVC, ozone and a ProPure mixer.

Silver and copper minerals are inside the Nature2 stick, so as the water goes in through there bacteria is naturally destroyed and the contaminants are caught in the micro filter, the water then goes through the circulation pump. Air enters the unit where the UV bulb converts it into ozone and hydroxyls, the water then goes from the circulation pump into the AOP unit where it draws the ozone and the hydroxyls from the above chamber where they are mixed together. When water is irradiated by Germicidal UVC it converts ozone to hydroxyl radicals through Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP). Any contaminants left in the water at this stage are destroyed by the intense Germicidal UVC, ozone and hydroxyl radicals. The water then goes into the ProPure mixer where its mixed with air as to keep the ozone concentrated and isolated to maximise purification, this produces the purist sanitized water possible to exit back into the spa.

New Garden Spas Iris

iris_shell This brand new spa to the Garden Spas range is a lovely 4 seater spa, it has a powerful 2 horse power pump to give a great hydrotherapy massage to all four seats. The spa has 27 stainless steel jets in various sizes and layouts so each seat pays attention to a different part of your back, the high powered jets are designed to penetrate deep into your muscle tissue, there are also 4 foot jets. We are really excited about this new hot tub and so far the customers which have seen it have loved it too! This small jacuzzi spa is perfect for anyone with space restrictions to relax in the comfort and luxury of their very own Garden Spa.

South Seas New Launches

We are proud to announce TWO new launches in our South Seas spa range! We are very excited about the arrival of these new spas which are proving successful so far!
853DL DX 

This is the ONLY double lounger in our South Seas collection, its an 8 foot, 2 pump system to give plenty of power for an excellent massage. The double lounger doesn’t take away from the social aspect with it still having 5 seats. Each seat has a different range of jets to give variance in your massage depending on where you sit, totalling in 53 jets in the spa including 4 foot jets.


965L DX

We also have our 8 seater 9 foot family spa, being one of the largest spas in our collection we have still managed to find space for a lounger seat too! With 3 powerful pumps and 65 massage jets all 8 seats have a good coverage of the body which enables you to choose the seat which targets the area you want massaging! This spa has loads of space for a family to spread out and relax in.


Dealer Meeting 2014

On Wednesday 5th March we held this years Dealer Meeting here at our Doncaster branch, we were delighted to see some of our Artesian Spa Family! We had a look at all our newly launched products and spas for this year, including the Tidal fit, South Seas 853 double lounger, and the South Seas 965L! We arranged training sessions for everyone and had a great catch up. Thank you again to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed the afternoon/evening as much as we did!

UK Pool And Spa Show 2014

Pool And Spa 2014From 20th to 22nd February we attended the UK Pool And Spa Trade Show at the Birmingham NEC Arena where we showcased our new spas and all our new products. We had a great turnout and it was a really good opportunity to meet new dealers and also to catch up with our current dealers. We would like to thank everyone that came to pay us a visit there and for helping us make it such a successful show. We hope to see you all there again next year!

Top 7 Hydrotherapy Treatments in Spas

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