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Planning for your Spa

We help you plan your Hot Tub installation with some handy tips and advice when preparing for your new Artesian Spa.

Selecting a Location

In preparation for installing your new Artesian spa, you should ensure that your chosen location meets some minimum guidelines:

  1. Place your spa on a surface that is large enough for the entire spa to fit. Consider the space needed to easily access equipment compartments and circuit breakers. Remember, all electronics must be kept dry.
  2. The spa must be on a solid, level foundation. Recommended: 4 in cement slab that has cured for at least 72 hours. Your warranty will be voided if the spa is not properly installed. Structural damage due to an improper foundation is not covered under warranty.
  3. To avoid potential water damage to the skirt and frame, your spa should be placed on a site where it will not be in the way of water sprinklers.
  4. OUTDOOR SPAS: Consider building codes, electrical and plumbing codes, desired proximity to house, wind and sun exposure, location of trees (falling leaves, shade), dressing area, landscaping and lighting when selecting a location.
  5. INDOOR SPAS: Floor surface must have traction to prevent slipping when wet. A floor drain is optimum. As room humidity will increase because of the spa, provide ample ventilation to prevent dry rot, mildew and mold. Use materials that will withstand humidity. There may be a need for cross-ventilation fans and/or dehumidifiers. The spa chemicals may corrode some household metals. Provide ample room if servicing should be needed. Strong foundational support is vital, particularly if a second-story site is selected.
  6. Ensure the equipment compartment is in a location where it will not be damaged by water drainage. Cover the equipment compartment with a heavy screen if rodents are a problem. Damage due to rodents is not covered under warranty.
  7. Have the spa deck installed by a knowledgeable contractor to ensure proper support.
  8. If the spa is placed on the ground, even for a short period of time, it must be supported by stones that are at least 2 inches thick and 12 inches square. A solid foundation is recommended as soon as possible.


Electrical Requirements and Installation

‚ÄčThe following information is provided for hooking up electrical supply to your new spa. A qualified, licensed, electrician must perform this work. Failure to follow these instructions will terminate all warranty coverage and can cause serious injury or death.

Your 60 Hz Artesian spa is preset at the factory to run on 240V with a 48 amp input. This feature gives you the most performance out of your spa. This will require a 240V, 60-amp GFCI If a 60-amp service is not available, your spa can be made to run with 32 or 40 amps input rating. Press the SELECT key on the spa control pack to change the input rating. Your export 50 Hz Artesian spa is preset out of factory to run 230V- 240V 3 wires 30 amp max input. This product must always be connected to residual current device (RCD) having a trip current of not more than 30 mA.

Please remember your spa is a powerful piece of electrical equipment. It is extremely important that you have it properly installed to ensure safe use. This manual explains safety precautions, installation instructions, and operating and maintenance procedures. If you have any questions regarding the manual, please call your competent Artesian spa dealer, who will be happy to further assist you.

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