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You may find choosing the right spa difficult. Buying a hot tub is an investment, one that can be the most important of investments, into your health and wellbeing.

Not only will your spa make you feel better, but it will also provide you with the perfect space to connect with family and friends, create memories that last a lifetime and most importantly, be the spot to reconnect with yourself. Better yet, it is an investment you can enjoy all year round, which is why we understand that choosing the right hot tub can take time and careful consideration.

We, along with our trusted network of retailers, are here to make the process a little easier for you. We’re proud to offer Artesian Spas, a trusted American brand within the hot tub industry, so let us take you through each of our ranges and what benefits they provide, so you can make an informed decision when visiting one of our retailers.



If you are looking for the most advanced luxury spa on the market, then the Artesian Elite line is for you. This line is comprised of five different spa models ranging from 4-9 seats and 55-71 jets. Each Artesian Elite was designed with the utmost precision and care and the latest in technological advances. The H2O PowerFlow jets are exclusive to this line and provide the most therapeutic massage leaving you in total control of your jets with DIRECTFLOW Personal Control® technology.  Artesian Elite spas are the most powerful yet the most energy efficient of their kind. DynaBrite LED lighting, Full Foam Insulation and Diamond AOP all comes standard and there is a variety of optional upgrades such as a stereo system, Midnight Glow LED lighting or a worldwide WiFi module. This advanced spa comes with a higher price tag, however, if it is the right spa for you it will be worth every penny. Browse our Artesian Elite line here.


The premium Island Spas line is Artesian Spas’ most customisable range. Offering 16 different spas that range from 3-10 seats and 33-72 jets so that everyone can find what they are looking for! The Island Spas line has many sizes and seating arrangements so rest assured you can find your perfect fit in this range. To customise your spa there are a variety of optional features such as LED lighting, stereo systems, advanced water purification and more. This line is perfect for creating your unique island retreat, so why not browse our Island Spas line here.


Some of our most selective hot tub buyers choose South Seas Spas because of their aesthetic appeal, ergonomic design and attractive features not found in other spas. South Seas Spas have been handcrafted to provide a feature-rich, optimal mix of elegance and functionality. A passion to detail and commitment to the highest standards are evident in all South Seas Spas. Supreme hydrotherapy is achieved within this class by introducing a high number of jets and exceptionally powerful pumps to every spa. With a choice of one, two or three pumps, you will always find a spa with the right power for you! South Seas Deluxe Spas have Dynastar multi-colour lighting and a back-lit pillowfall as standard to provide a wonderful night-time ambience. You will also find additional top-rail lighting and cabinet downlights and the option to add a Bluetooth stereo system to most models. Browse our South Seas Spas line here.


The Garden Spas line is the best fit for those wanting to enjoy all of the comfort and luxury of a spa without having to sacrifice space. These spas are all equipped with Plug & Play capabilities to fit any standard 13amp supply, so they are perfect for both indoor and out. The sizes of the 7 Garden Spas models range from 2-6 seats and 21-27 jets. Due to their smaller size and convenient electrical requirements, these spas are more budget and user friendly. Browse our Garden Spas line here.

Whether you’re looking for a simple two-person model for a relaxing soak or a larger ten-person hot tub for entertaining, there’s an Artesian spa for you. Our network of Artesian retailers are here to help you find the right spa and to look after you and your spa for many years to come, so why not get in touch today.

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