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Why Artesian Spas?

Welcome to Artesian Spas, one of the world’s leading,
premium hot tub and swim spa producers.

Artesian Spas’ founding partners came together with one uniting goal:
to provide the best quality hot tubs and spas, the most features, and the greatest range of products.

Nowhere is our passionate commitment more evident than in the unparalleled quality of our spas. Each model has been crafted to provide a feature-rich, optimal mix of elegance and functionality, omitting no detail. And working with our network of top-tier dealers, we bring well within the reach of the average person, the comfort, satisfaction, and benefits that result from owning an Artesian spa.

Our Company Core Values


We strive to set the highest standard of quality in everything we do, and we know that the secret to happy customers is quality, not quantity.


Your Health and Wellness is what matters to us the most.


We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.


Our success is based not only on the products we produce, but how we sell them. We commit to being honest, trustworthy, accountable, ethical and compliant in all we do.


Our spas are built from the ground up to the highest standards. We start by building our frames using only pressure-treated lumber on top of an ABS Base. This solid foundation is covered with our beautiful, durable cabinets. The space between the maintenance-free cabinet and the structure is filled with either part-insulating foam or full-insulating foam.

We top it all off with our durable, hand-sculpted acrylic shell with our lifetime Diamondbond backing. Our jets rotate on bearings rather than plastic for ease of adjustment, and our pillows are a dyed-through, closed-cell foam to prevent cracking, discoloration, and water absorption. We build our spas the same way a good house is built – to last!


As a responsible manufacturer, Artesian have taken significant steps in creating energy-efficient hot tubs that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. A key feature within many of our hot tubs is our full foam insulation. This full-foam insulation provides the most efficient and consistent heat retention rating available in any spa, and it also dramatically increases the lifespan of the spa. It makes the whole structure stronger, quieter, and more durable, in addition to protecting the plumbing from unnecessary wear due to vibration. Additionally, our insulation does not contain harmful blowing agents like HFCC, HCFC, HFA, or VOC emissions, which can be detrimental to the environment.

We’re also proud to use pressure-treated wooden frames that are renewable and sustainable. Our wood is harvested from forests with the Forest Stewardship Council Certification, ensuring that the material is responsibly sourced.

By using safer, more eco-friendly materials, we’re able to create a hot tub that not only saves energy but also reduces our impact on the environment.


Behind Artesian Spas’ graceful lines lies the most powerful, energy efficient and sophisticated system ever devised for moving and controlling the flow of water in a spa. This personalised DirectFlow control system moves more water volume through the jets with greater power and adjustability than any other spa in the industry. Our patented Helix Jet System produces a powerful rotating pulsing action, giving you a soothing, luxurious hydro-massage unlike any other.

Our unique Helix jet, has been designed to provide a truly remarkable hydro-massage exclusive to our Artesian Elite, Island Spas and TidalFit lines. Each jet has been strategically placed to maximise your massage experience. Engineered from the concept of the double helix, the jets use a right-directional spiral on the inside of the cylinder. This causes water to spiral out in a twisting manner, providing jet pulsation and great massaging pressure. Combined with maximum flow rate, these jets provide the very best in hydro-massage.


Artesian Spas uses Shur-Grip plumbing systems with confidence in our products. Shur-Grip tubing is a unique PVC helix material designed to be both rigid and flexible to prevent kinking during bends and prevent bursting under pressure/suction. Shur-Grip was specifically designed for the Spa and Pool Industry to be installed with a glued joint only onto the respective fitting/jet. Other plumbing systems use a high-quality plastic tubing to prevent folding and creasing that can disrupt water flow. All water flow is kept as straight as possible to ensure the best possible water pressure to all jets. These high flow plumbing systems have little resistance, keeping the water pressure at its highest. We continue to use glue and clamps on other plumbing areas that still require both and stand by our commitment in providing you with exceptional quality spas. Artesian incorporates high performance systems depending on where used within the product.

Pressure treatment is a process that forces preservatives into the wood. The preservatives help protect the wood from attack by termites, other insects, and fungal decay. This heavy-duty frame is perfect for extreme outdoor conditions, protecting the wood from wear, elements, and fungus.

Our spas are fitted with either a tough, rigid ABS thermoplastic base pan or our ABS base. Completely waterproof and weather resistant, this base protects your spa from the ground up.

Every Artesian spa has a durable shell constructed of beautiful Lucite Spa acrylic with our revolutionary Diamondbond backing. It’s easy to take care of your Lucite Spa acrylic – one of the glossiest, high quality surface materials available. The non-porous surface prevents dirt from accumulating and resists stains better than other plastic materials. With normal use, Lucite is so durable it will retain its beauty with minimum effort.


Grandwood maintenance free cabinetry will not rot, rust, warp, deteriorate or require replacement. Panels are made of a durable, synthetic material that can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including snow, humidity, rain, sleet, and heat. This all-weather durable, fade-resistant and stain-resistant Grandwood cabinet requires no painting or staining. Easily clean these cabinets with soap and water, if necessary.

Exclusive to the Artesian Elite models, beautiful, long-lasting Monarch Cabinetry adds years of maintenance free life to your spa. Similar to Grandwood cabinetry, panels are made of a durable material that can withstand severe weather conditions, and require no painting or staining. Easily clean up these cabinets with soap and water, if necessary.

Peace of Mind

Artesian Spas are hand built from the ground up to the highest standards. You can rest assured that each spa is ergonomically designed to achieve the best comfort and hydrotherapy. This is reflected in the extensive warranties that Artesian Spas have to offer. The parts that are used to build these spas are of the highest quality and, on the rare occasion that your spa needs technical assistance, our network of dealers are on hand to put things right for you, should anything arise.

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