Quality Construction

Our spas are built from the ground up to the highest standards. We start by building our frames using only pressure-treated lumber on top of a full ABS Base. This solid foundation is covered with our beautiful, durable cabinets. The space between the maintenance-free cabinet and the structure is filled with insulating foam. This full-foam insulation provides the most efficient heat retention rating available in any spa, and it also dramatically increases the lifespan of the spa. It makes the whole structure stronger, quieter, and more durable, in addition to protecting the plumbing from unnecessary wear due to vibration.

We top it all off with our durable, hand-sculpted acrylic shell with our lifetime Diamondbond backing. Our jets rotate on bearings rather than plastic for ease of adjustment, and our pillows are a dyed-through, closed-cell foam to prevent cracking, discoloration, and water absorption. We build a spa the same way a good house is built – to last!


Artesian Spas uses Shur-Grip plumbing systems with confidence in our products. Shur-Grip tubing is a unique PVC helix material designed to be both rigid and flexible to prevent kinking during bends and prevent bursting under pressure/suction. Shur-Grip was specifically designed for the Spa and Pool Industry to be installed with a glued joint only onto the respective fitting/jet. Other plumbing systems use a high quality plastic tubing to prevent folding and creasing that can disrupt water flow. All water flow is kept as straight as possible to ensure the best possible water pressure to all jets. These high flow plumbing systems have little resistance, keeping the water pressure at its highest. We continue to use glue and clamps on other plumbing areas that still require both and stand by our commitment in providing you with top-quality spas. Artesian incorporates high performance systems depending on where used within the product.

Pressure treatment is a process that forces preservatives into the wood. The preservatives help protect the wood from attack by termites, other insects, and fungal decay. This heavy-duty frame is perfect for extreme outdoor conditions, protecting the wood from wear, elements, and fungus.

Our spas can be fitted with a tough, rigid ABS thermoplastic base pan. Completely waterproof and weather resistant, this base protects your spa from the ground up. PermaBase comes standard on Platinum Elite and can be added as an option on the Island and Island Elite Spas.

Artesian Spas proudly offers cast acrylic shells with an extra level of protection against mould and mildew by using Microban® and Bio-Lok™ technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria causing odours or stains between cleaning.


Grandwood maintenance free cabinetry will not rot, rust, warp, deteriorate or require replacement. Panels are made of a durable, synthetic material that can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including snow, humidity, rain, sleet, and heat. This all-weather durable, fade-resistant and stain-resistant Grandwood cabinet requires no painting or staining. Easily clean up these cabinets with soap and water, if necessary.

Exclusive to the Artesian Elite models, beautiful, long-lasting Monarch Cabinetry adds years of maintenance free life to your spa. Similar to Grandwood cabinetry, panels are made of a durable material that can withstand severe weather conditions, and require no painting or staining. Easily clean up these cabinets with soap and water, if necessary.


You can rest assured that each spa is ergonomically designed to achieve the best comfort and hydrotherapy. This is reflected in the extensive warranties that Artesian Spas have to offer. The parts that are used to build these spas are of the highest quality, and on the rare occasion that your spa needs technical assistance we have engineers on hand that will come and put things right for you.

Garden Spas South Seas Spas Special Edition Spas Island Spas Artesian Elite
Structure Lifetime (12 Years) Lifetime (12 Years) Lifetime (12 Years) Lifetime (12 Years) Lifetime (12 Years)
Surface 1 year 3 years 3 years 5 years 7 years
Cabinet 1 year 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
Parts, & Plumbing 1 year 2 years 2 years 2 years 3 years
Labour 1 year 1 year 1 year (2 Years for TidalFit SE) 2 years 3 years
Stereo & AOP System 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year


When designing our spas, we don’t use the latest 3D modelling software – in fact, we don’t even use a mouse. We use such blunt instruments as chisels, sand blocks, files, and putty knives. Indeed, we take pride in just how primitive our design process is. We create our moulds the old fashioned way: we sculpt them by hand. The creation of the beautiful, organic forms that grace our spas is far more art than science, and the intimate human contact with our process insures that our great looks are built for the human form.

At Artesian Spas, our experts apply ergonomic seating designs, both lounge and chair, to the interior of our spas. Each seat helps maintain an even weight distribution and correct posture when enjoying the powerful massage therapy of the H2O helix jets. The bench seats allow you to swivel to not only massage your back but your sides and arms too.


  • Energy efficient with quiet operation
  • Higher flow rate to increase filtration
  • Fan cooled, 48-frame motor design



  • Artesian’s full foam provides the most efficient heat retention available in any spa.
  • Dramatically increases the strength and life of the spa’s shell.
  • Full foam secures plumbing to the shell for longer plumbing life.
  • Icynene brand foam conforms to all curves and spaces to provide a seamless air barrier.
  • Increases the durability of the structure.
  • Provides consistent R-value to the spa.
  • Icynene brand foam is not water permeable. It lets structural moisture diffuse and dissipate and will not trap moisture inside its cells.
  • The Icynene foam dries completely.

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