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Storm Survival Tips

Whether you need to relax after a long day of work or warm your muscles on a breezy evening, your hot tub is the perfect complement to your daily routine. Although it seems tempting to jump in a nice warm hot tub whilst it’s cold outside, we recommend waiting for the storm to pass before doing so. Using your hot tub during a storm could actually cause more harm than good!

We build our spas to last meaning our hot tubs are durable, allowing them to withstand most types of weather without any problems. Storms can be unpredictable at times so we’ve put together some helpful tips so you can take the necessary precautions to keep your hot tub safe from the dangers of Storm Jocelyn.

Lock your cover and firmly secure your straps

Strong winds can blow the cover right off your hot tub, leaving it exposed to the elements. Though you should be locking your straps every time you’re done using the hot tub, it’s especially important to do so during extremely high winds. If you have a locking cover, make sure that each and every cover lock is secure.

Once it is secure make sure that you don’t put anything heavy on top of it to keep the cover down.  If you try to secure the cover with bricks or heavy objects, you could cause damage to cover and the hot tub itself.

Secure extra straps to your cover

Extremely high winds are expected, so you may want to purchase extra straps for your cover. Doubling up on straps will help secure the cover even further.

Do not drain your hot tub

With flood warnings predicted across the UK, it is best to keep the water within your hot tub rather than draining it. A hot tub usually holds about 1500 litres of water. If the area around your hot tub floods, this water weight will help keep your hot tub grounded in high winds or high-water levels.

Remove debris and furniture that could damage your hot tub

Try to remove anything that could possibly cause damage to the hot tub from the area around it. These objects could include tree branches, plant pots, outdoor furniture, deck furniture and other debris that may have already found their way into your garden from the storm.

If you have any more questions about keeping your hot tub safe during strong winds or other types of weather, feel free to contact us. One of our team would love to help answer your questions.

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